Sales Progression by Bear Estate Agents

  • By | Photography by Bear Estate Agents | Sunday, November 20, 2016

The job title ‘Sales Progressor’ should be self-explanatory but as an Americanism, it seems to remain a mystery as to what this job actually entails.

Our Sales Progressors at Bear Estate Agents are extremely busy people. In fact, we have recently had to employ more of them to handle all of our ‘sold’ properties as their job is crucial in ensuring these properties progress through legal conveyancing as quickly as possible.

A typical day for them at Bear Estate Agents, involves speaking to solicitors, other estate agents, mortgage advisors, surveyors and last but not least, our customers. The Progressors need to have complete knowledge of the conveyancing stages so that they know exactly what questions to ask and when to ask them of the appropriate people. It can sometimes be extremely difficult to speak directly to a solicitor involved, but our Sales Progressors have built a professional relationship with many of the solicitors and progress is built upon mutual trust.

Solicitors are also very busy people. It would be a mistake to think that a short property conveyancing time is normal. There may be problems with searches and enquiries being returned; difficulties with leases; with guarantees for boilers, electric systems, windows and even damp/woodworm guarantees. All of these issues often involve further negotiation between the solicitor, the buyer and the vendor. This will all be handled by the Sales Progressors. Furthermore and most importantly, they keep checking the conveyancing progress and keep it moving forward, in order that the conveyancing takes the least possible time to complete.

Recently, at Bear Estate Agents, one of the properties we were selling, was found to be built on ‘contaminated ground.’ The contamination was caused by ….tomatoes, as the property had been built on land once used as a tomato nursery. Our Sales Progressor negotiated with everybody involved and it was agreed that an ‘indemnity insurance policy’ could be put in place to cover any potential problem from the tomatoes. This property has now successfully had contracts exchanged, ready for completion.

You can never be sure quite what will be uncovered once conveyancing starts on a property. Our Sales Progressors at Bear Estate Agents are only ever a phone call away and will always negotiate on our buyers and vendors behalf, until the sale has completed.