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Housing shortage for the Hermit Crabs?

  • By Sharon Harris - Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tourists who visit the most southern islands of Thailand, Similan and Surin, which lie 50ks from the mainland find Hermit Crabs are plentiful but are becoming curiosities. Hermit Crabs can live for 30 years but this, along with shells being collected by tourists, has caused a housing shortage for them when they need to upsize their shells as they grow.

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Are mortgage repayments now lower than rents?

  • By Sharon Harris - Saturday, January 14, 2017

A report on BBC ‘Breakfast’ TV this morning discussed that according to their research, the gap between the cost of renting a property and buying one, is narrowing. In 10% of the UK, they are suggesting it is cheaper to buy, than to rent.

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Celebrity Southend-on-Sea

  • By Sharon Harris - Monday, January 9, 2017

Southend-on-Sea in the UK is home to the longest pleasure pier in the world but it is not this, however, that makes it a celebrity. Southend takes its name from being located at the south end of Prittlewell which first existed in the 6-7th century. Prittlewell Priory was founded there by Cluniac Monks in the 12th century. The Priory’s lands stretched southwards for several kilometres down to the sea where a few fishermen lived and worked and it was this sea side end that became known as ‘Southend’.

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