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Introducing everything you need to make a sale

Picture of Expert photography with Bear the  Estate Agency

Expert photography

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Picture of Expert Property Valuation with Bear the  Estate Agency

Expert Property Valuation

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Picture of ‘For Sale’ Board with Bear the  Estate Agency

‘For Sale’ Board

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Picture of Rightmove Listing with Bear the  Estate Agency

Rightmove Listing

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Picture of Professional Floorplans with Bear the  Estate Agency

Professional Floorplans

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Picture of Property marketed until sold with Bear the  Estate Agency

Property marketed until sold

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Picture of Peace of Mind  with Bear the  Estate Agency

Peace of Mind

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Picture of Energy Performance Certificate with Bear the  Estate Agency

Energy Performance Certificate

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Sales Chasing Information Banner Sales Chasing Information Banner

Bear Conveyancing Guide

At Bear Estate Agents, we have found that there can be confusion over the house or property buying process, or even finding the best solicitor or conveyancer to do the job.

To help, we have put together a free property conveyancing guide. Featuring a timeline of key milestones and dates when buying or selling a property.

Free Property Conveyancing Guide

The Bear Policy

Committed and On Hand

With either choice, we are committed and on hand to ensure your sale process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, as well as giving you guidance on the conveyancing process. We are here from 9 am to 6 pm six days a week and from 10am-4pm on Sundays. We can, however, always be reached by email.

Our Professional Approach will reach the Most Prospective Buyers

In order to reach the most prospective buyers possible, we use the online portals Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, as well as several online newspapers. According to ‘Which.co.uk’ around three quarters of property buyers now search online and will start their property search at a portal like Rightmove.

We upload your details within 24hours of receiving them, on to www.bearestateagents.co.uk, where our serious buyers are waiting to view them. After 24hours they are the uploaded to the portals, for everyone to see.

You can be confident that we will expose your home to the majority of the property buying public.

Bear Exclusives

This feature is exclusive to Bear Estate Agents as we care about your property getting seen by people who have already registered with us and are waiting for a property just like yours.

Preparing for Marketing

Bear will prepare all the marketing materials needed for selling your home, such as clear photos, floorplans, descriptions and measurements, and a ‘For Sale’ board (returnable). You will have ’one to one’ help from our team members with all contact numbers needed to keep in touch.

Ensuring you are Kept Up to Date

Bear will ensure that you are kept up to date and once you have a buyer for your property, we will make sure surveyors and the appropriate professionals have been contacted so that the sale progresses. Our Sales Progressors are trained to liaise with solicitors and all parties involved in your sale.

Vetting Potential Buyers

We take as many details as possible when we vet potential viewers and check their current housing situation. If they make a successful offer for your property, we take a holding deposit from them and check their financial details.

We Listen

We listen to our viewers as their opinions matter if we want to sell your property quickly and for an optimum price. That is why we always contact your viewers for their feedback and share it with you. In that way, if necessary, we can act on this information.

We will always listen to our vendors so that problems or complications can be resolved as soon as possible.

Above all, we will remain transparent in all of our procedures.


Bear Shouts

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Energy Performance Certificate

EPC with Bear Estate Agents

An Energy Performance Certificate, known as EPC report, is necessary for a legal sale of your home. 

An energy Performance Certificate is needed whenever a property is built, sold or rented. In order to sell your house you are legally required to have one in place. This report is valid for 10 years, which means that if you have moved into your property within that timescale, you may well have one already in existence. It is important to have one in place, if not, it is important to have one organised, in readiness for selling your property.

An EPC is useful for two reasons. It gives information about a property’s energy use and typical costs, as well as recommendations on how to reduce energy use and thereby save money.

It does this by giving your property an energy efficiency rating from A, meaning most efficient, to G, meaning least efficient. Suggestions may be made to improve efficiency by installing double glazing, or loft or floor insulation, for example.

In order to get an EPC you’ll need to find an accredited assessor to assess your house and produce the certificate. 

We can have an inexpensive assessor contact you if you so desire.

Professional Photography

Free Professional Photography when you sell with us Bear Estate Agents

How your home is presented is extremely important when it comes to selling. Every person who views your house online is a potential buyer, so you need to show your property at its best! For this reason we use professional photos to appear online.

They are professional because our bear estate agents have been trained to take great photos that can make your home stand out.

They use the latest equipment, SLR cameras with wide angle lenses for high quality photos. You can also view the photos before the agent leaves your property.


Professional Floorplans

Professional floor plans to help you sell my house with Bear Estate Agents

Accurate floor plans are essential to customer satisfaction. Buyers can often discount properties with inaccurate plans and maybe not even view a property because of them. If a room was to appear too small in the plan, for example, or if a window opening was shown on a flat wall instead of a ‘bay window’ then it might not seem ‘ideal’.

A floor plan gives a layout guide to your home. For that reason all floors are included as well as the floor square footage. Whilst these floor plans are not to scale, they do provide the correct information and are proven to reduce wasted viewings.

At Bear Estate Agency, our agent will take the time necessary to ensure accuracy in order to sell your house.

‘For Sale’ Board

Sell my house sale board with Bear Estate Agents

Many people will drive around an area they are interested in moving to. They will be on the ‘lookout’ for the ‘For Sale’ sign, which is why it is very important to erect a sign that stands out and is noticeable.

Bear Estate Agent’s signs are branded well and backed by a website that is updated regularly.

These signs will generate sales from passerbys. Your board is erected as part of our service to you and NOT sent in the post for you to deal with yourself. Nothing says “sell my house” better than a Bear Estate Agent’s sign.

Rightmove Listing


I want to sell my house.... When you engage Bear Estate Agents to market your home, we will offer the best online portal service to you. Every property will be featured on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. This maximises interest to sell your home quickly.

Rightmove and Zoopla are the U.K’s number one property website and is also one of the U.K’s busiest sites. (Experian Hitwise 2011) With 75% of home-movers saying they turned to Rightmove first, our experience as Estate Agents has shown us that this portal works selling properties. Rightmove can be viewed on PCs, Laptops and all mobile devices and is regularly advertised on National TV to attract large audience of property buyers. You will be able to view your property online and we will be able to receive feedback about it.

Bear was the number 1 agent for selling properties in our areas for 2016 as well as for instructing new properties.

Expert Property Valuation

Expert property valuation

Once you have contacted us, our NAEA ( National Association of Estate Agents) qualified agent will visit your home at your request.

At your home visit our agent will discuss the price you wish to sell your home for and then compare this to other properties that have sold in your area. They will also consider other criteria such as the accommodation you have available; the type and age of the property; the property’s construction, state of repair and if extensions have been added or modernisation taken place; the fixtures and features of the property as well as the area within which the property is situated. He will also consider the tenure, tenancy and if there are any service charges or other expenses to be paid for, there.

Most importantly, our Bear Estate Agent is there to chat and listen to your individual requirements and value your property by taking everything into consideration.

Property marketed until sold

Market your house until sold with Bear Estate Agents

How can i be sure Bear Estate Agents will sell my house? At Bear Online Estate Agency, we will market your property until it is sold. Our business is to sell your house and we will not stop until your house is sold!

There is no fee added for any extra time needed for your sale, unlike some online agents who charge fees for this. 

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind with constant commmunication

‘Peace of Mind’ might seem a strange phrase to use on an estate agency website, but that is what we are hoping to achieve for you by letting Bear Estate Agents Online, take the stress out of your selling experience. We listen to our vendors, and what they are saying can be divided into three groups of concerns. The first is that of security. Some people are hesitant about having strangers view their homes. At Bear Estate Agents, we check prospective buyers are who they say they are, by using software that checks their names against addresses given and that their contact numbers are reliable. We cannot attend all viewings, but if you have concerns about this, we can organise BEAR HOME DAYS. FOR YOU. We also will never give out your contact numbers unless you expressly ask us too.

Communication or rather, the lack of communication, is another concern. We make sure that you have our contact numbers so that you can speak to us when you need to, or at least email information that needs to be acted on promptly. The portal we use is set up so that if there is interest in your property, we will know very quickly. In a ‘sale’ situation, we keep in contact with both party’s solicitors and keep you informed of progress.

The last common concern is in regard to finance. Our fee does not change so you can safely budget your sale. Our agent will not pressurise you to sell cheaply in order to gain a quick sale nor will he overprice your property in order to gain a larger percentage of the sale price!

At Bear Estate Agents we listen and act upon feedback from our vendors to continually improve the sale’s experience and feel confident, therefore, that yours will be a happy one, and when you say, “sell my house for me” we will do so with neither stress nor worry!

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