My Pre and Post Appointment Routine

  • By | Photography by | Friday, November 14, 2014

I believe in any industry, first impressions are one of the most important factors to get right, every time. In my case, self-presentation and punctuality are key. Possibly a couple of the only factors I can really have an influence on apart from my obvious knowledge of the estate agent industry.

I’ve had a standard routine since becoming a Lister (an estate agent who takes properties on the market) for years. Couple packs of mints in the car is standard, always munch on at least 4 or 5 so my breath is as cool as an ice burg. Aftershave is stored in the glove compartment ready for when I need a couple of generous sprays on my neck. Mints and aftershave is the perfect recipe. Bring it on vendors, you can invade my personal space, I’ll be ready for you!

For all you dog owners out there, I am prepared for you too. After an appointment of having the pet dog jump all over me, usually just after I’ve had my suit and shirts dry cleaned by Azza at First Choice Dry Cleaners on Woodgrange Drive. I use a Lint Roller to clear the excess hair off my freshly dry cleaned suit and anti-bacterial gel to clean my hands. Some of you may think that’s a bit much, but I once went on an appointment straight after taking a house on the market, which had dogs, didn’t go through my necessary post doggy visit routine with the Lint Roller/hand gel and seriously regretted it. The vendor had dog allergies. Soon as I walked through the front door she was continuously sneezing. I didn’t know what the problem was until she sat next to me to go through my presentation and shouted “you’ve been with a dog”. She wasn’t wrong there.

The accusation was true, but the way she said it was as if I had committed a crime. She told me she was allergic to fur, which is why she had been sneezing and was watery eyed during my whole visit. Believe it or not, I still got the house on the market, but that appointment always reminds me to be a savvy estate agent and be well prepared for any type of homeowner.  As usual, it’s back to the dry cleaners for me, before my next estate agent appointment.