A Day in the Life of a Estate Agent

Never knowing what the day will bring is what really excites me about being estate agent. Every day can be completely different, some days more challenging than others. When the diary has back to back appointments, ranging from valuations to viewings, and there is still plenty paperwork to complete in the office, my day is over before it begins.

In a way this is what I mean by the job being so exciting. You never need to watch the clock and count down until the day is over, there is always something to do and different characters to meet.

Yesterday when I valued this lovely little bungalow, I met the sweetest couple who instantly made me feel welcome in the home they’ve been in for 50 years. The gentleman showed me his war medals and his wife was giving me recipes for spider repellent. They were moving to be closer to their son. After living in one place for so long, the whole idea of moving, was daunting to them. Once I had explained everything to them and told them that I would be on hand through the whole experience, they were much happier. Valuation appointments can be very tricky!

When visiting people’s homes, good manners are a priority for me. Although this can sometimes back fire. Taking my shoes off inside someone’s property is important to me, but on this occasion, whilst walking onto the back patio I managed to tread in, let’s just say something horrible the dog left. This was on a day when I had back to back valuation appointments, and it’s surprising how many people notice when you’re only wearing one sock.

Of course some properties are beautifully presented, others are not. It’s not the easiest thing to be diplomatic or enthusiastic about a property, which has been completely neglected. Some people unfortunately do not understand what it means to present their home in the best light. I recently valued a property where the owner was so upset with my valuation even though I showed her comparable evidence of what it was worth, she was on the brink of chucking me out. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde spring to mind. Luckily, I made her appreciate the fact she contacted us for our professional opinion, which is exactly what she was given. It’s important to me to give realistic valuations, and not just tell my potential vendors what they want to hear.

At the end of the day, once I know all messages and work has been taken care of, relaxing is mainly on the agenda. Then it all begins again the next day. Bring on the valuation appointments!