A Bear Tragedy

The day had been anticipated with great excitement…The unveiling of our Bear ‘For Sale’ boards. Our brand, the leader of our Estate Agent team, was to be revealed.

There stood the board in all its pink and white glory. Our hearts dropped, we exchanged covert glances and pasted sheepish smiles on our faces. Instead of a strong, proud bear, there stood….a shivering wreck of a bear. He looked like he’d been foraging in the desert for far too long. He was thin and scrawny and emaciated.

A ‘shivering wreck’ of a bear is not what we’d designed……he’d have to go.

It seems that the computer was not keen on our art work. Heads will roll, bears obliterated, or fattened up!

If you see any of our ‘shivering wrecks’ left out in the cold, please let us know….they will be replaced…